unangeleinter dog has attacked our?

hey, I was just walking with a friend and our 3 dogs. we were in the park, and had 2 of my dogs on leash (our beagle-mix bitch, because it out a little strong hunting drive shows stronger at the moment, and it is almost impossible to make them by the leash, and the kangal because it big and is vigorously, and many here fear of big dogs have ..) our ruede runs always quietly alongside, as we then set ourselves to the lake, we have nowhere seen another dog, and then we have also the great abgeleint, and our beagle mix lady is lying down, and enjoyed the sun. So, so, we wanted to return, and my friend has our big lead again, and we are escaped. ploetlich came a unangeleinter dog, then the kangal Snooping, and suddenly bitten, out of nowhere, who owner then apologized, have run, have chased away her dog, then aneleint him, and continued to run .. the wound of our long, is superficially, but we will go to the vet because he also aufjault between .. we have to pay the cost? or has the owner of the other dog to pay for it (I see them often here)? ..

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The other dog has caused the damage, so the liability insurance or the owner himself has to pay for the damage.

Understand anyway not know why people run their dog free, if it is not time to listen. Irresponsible.


stupid situation - but since every dog ​​owner is liable for harm caused by his own dog, you should know the owner of the "polluter" to address and present to them the bill. Because they are in any case obliged to pay this.

Whether you bring the incident to the display - perhaps to have "better maps" in enforcing your claims - have to decide yourself. This can for the owners (and the dog) also have very unpleasant consequences.

Good luck and speedy recovery for your dog


I think that if your dog was leashed and the aggressor is freely walking around, the attacking dog wearing the "main culprit" and actually has to pay for the vet bill.

Naturally me is the behavior of the other dog owners not quite, because if they have apologized, they must actually have also noticed that your dog is injured and actually they you should at least leave some of their contact information, should provide anything more "enforcement" such as a vet bill. A dog liability is yet anyway provision and for which one has the else?

The problem that I see currently is, however, that now in retrospect the other dog owners can deny everything and can say your dog would have provoked her ...

Did you witness?

If a dog was leashed, always the owner of the dog must pay unangeleinten. And say nothing that your dog was also released earlier, which complicates the matter considerably.

For the owner of the other dog will have to pay. Actually include all dogs on a leash.

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