Universal remote control for each TV?


My girlfriend is in boarding school and its remote control for your TV Tevion is broken. Universal Remote I are there come to mind.

Are these generally for each TV or if there restrictions?


The best answer

actually they are as the name implies, universal ^^

now there are free apps for smartphone

It is there as everywhere. Cheap FB can not control all the TV or does not have all functions. With the Logitech Harmony I have had good experiences, there actually runs everything. Absolutely sinnfrei is the tip with the Handyapp. Only if it should be a smart TV, then would an app function. However, most TVs are no LAN or WLAN.

There are certainly a suitable mobile app, I hope could help you

The work on almost all devices. I had good to also install times as a part of and it went on many devices. But just not at all.

It remains only an attempt, but which are also not so expensive.

Not every university FB comes with all the functions for all devices. Especially the special functions not go. Better a "Erasatz-FB" for the device.

At Logitech, you can look, for example, in advance whether a Logi Harmony Remote supports your TV.

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