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Hi, I have a question about my dog ​​(German Shepherd). We have now, since June 2014, and on April 11 they will be a year old. There is only one problem, and that it looks pretty everyone as playmates and when she wants to play again, they would do so as compared to a dog that is biting and pulling. Last week she was sterilized and since then she sleeps in the house, so that we have in view. It sleeps always someone in the living room on the sofa. On the last two days she has herumzuquängeln so started the evening at half past eleven and to bite me and pull down the blanket. That was me sometime too much, I was tired and it was getting wild. I must say, the first time when it was so we have during the day did not do much of what they would have tired to do that on the one hand located at its OP, which was not so long ago, and the other hand to the storm, the outside raged and has made playing impossible in the garden (the vet has a walk because of Ster Elisa Transportation prohibited). But the second time when it happened I was pretty sure that she sleeps through the night, because I had played on that day twice one hour with her in the garden. Of course, we've always done something, if it has bitten us - they just grabbed by the neck, etc. But it has helped not appear much, it bites so still. Initially the excuse has always been that it indeed is a puppy still and still learning. But I have now really afraid that their bite is commonplace. Do you have any tips for me that is not the case? That she expresses her desire on playing in a different ways? I thank you again in advance.

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She is still very young, so it's still very wild with other creatures around, but this is completely normal and disappears with age, do not worry.

You simply can not go on when they bite you and thus prompts to play. It shall be encouraged in their nature and sees this as praise. She remembers that she gets so your attention and apply the just always on.

It is better if you teach her to another command. I taught my dogs that they nudge me with his paw when they want something. That's a lot of "polite" way to express the needs.

I have so it began to teach them as a command. I started standing up with his finger pointing at my leg and "Please" to say and until they have upped the ante one or both feet. Then of course immediately rewarded with treats or stroking. I have regularly and repeatedly immwe.

In everyday they have of themselves. Most of them have put in front of me and stared at me, as I knew she wanted something. I then pointed to my leg and "Please" told until they have completed the trick, then I did not go with a treat, but with the completing of their desire as games, walkies, etc. rewarded. I have so often repeated until they have it all done by yourself.

Transferred to your case, you can give it a try so times that you only beibringst her command. When they someday some of you want and again begins to bite and it jumps on you, you push down it, say clearly and with much authority in his voice, "No!" (They should know who is the higher-ranking) and lets them make the seat in front of you then. Then you can use the command with the paw. You then show so long on your leg until it deposits the paw because she caress then and fulfill her her wish. Should it while you show on your leg, waiting for her paw, get impatient and start up again, you have to simply push down again and "No!" say until it executes the command. That you repeat just as long, if they want something from you until it does it by itself.

The trick you lead at the beginning of most standing out because you're so in literally ask about them and be found a rank higher. Later, when she has already learned that they bite through anything accomplished, you can then sit if they want to and perform the trick sitting something from you.

I hope I could help you! Good luck in the dog training! :-)

And you remember: The bad behavior should be ignored, reinforcing the good behavior and rewards! With punishment you will not get far.

I think it will not help you if this is a fundamental debate about dog ownership or education is broken by the fence. You searched for 4 dogs safely its own style and attitude towards it.

If the bite (as a game invitation) now came to the OP where it is less busy, it may go away when again the day occurs. If you do do not want to have, and also for health reasons a fun game is currently not desired, you can either prohibit that snapping or offer an acceptable substitute for employment, where it is not excessive in a wild game, or offer quiet exercise to boredom prevent. Or bring the dog to where he usually resides quietly, vielleich misunderstands them the privilege on the sofa and stay in your presence as a prompt what to make nice with each other, if you otherwise, when you fetch to you, tend to actively you are dealing with.

Maybe you just have to try what is best for you.

I myself still half a puppy (10 months) and she bites also still in the game times to (playfully). In the books that I have looked at me and other dog owners have told me that I should loudly quiken when she bites (as I would be another puppy from her litter - I know sounds a little weird to XD) or according to AU! to say, and then to finish the game. Now she tweaks still sometimes but not as bad as your dog. Vllt you try it a try :) LG cira06


Please see this link you closely. The diagrams show that castrated dogs often suffer from certain bone diseases and cancers.

Now to your question:

Please contact you immediately to an experienced and well-trained people for dog training! This is this "bite" (whether playful or presumptuous) considered, as assess and develop you for the dog and you a special education program, which will then implement it.

Other advice prohibitive because you have to see the behavior of your dog directly on site with you.

With your zip code and the keywords animal learn, calling dog, Cumcane, dog Inform, easy dogs, IBH dog schools, train instead dominate so you can find right in your living environment suitable people to help what you.

Well play twice a day, one hour does not really dog ​​müde..kopfarbeit you can do even in stormy and OP.

You have just slept through her bite impediment to teach, with a one year should sit.

but no matter. There are several options when it bites, it is ignored, play is aborted.

Ea also is the possibility that if the dog bites au say and nudges him so tightly that it is uncomfortable for him.

alone she sleeps alone in the garden, the cause may well be.

Why must the a pack animal to sleep at night apart from his family? I have two Mali mixes that kip in bed with me ... running the BH since they are 6 months old. but that has little to do with obedience what is with you indeed looks, otherwise you could be your dog with a No easy dismiss.

My advice: working times to the Important things such as no or before you walk and something begins. Then send the dog away easily when it begins to bite.

and since then she sleeps in the house,

where she sleeps else ?? That sounds as if the housing conditions in general would not be ideal. Depending on how far the dog is otherwise integrated into a normal routine, it may be simply that the puppy is overwhelmed by the new situation and reacted to. Physically tired not to get a young shepherd, even not by midday plays a while. Of these it is rested again after half an hour and want the next employment.

It is also not clear how long / often bite the problem with the already exists? Only two days where they can now sleep in the house? You write "In the beginning was the excuse that she was still a puppy," Did you have professional support in the education of the young dog or did you as a beginner myself tested old sheepdog on an 8 weeks?

Obviously, the disciplinary actions were not appropriate and comprehensible with the young dog.

I think there would have rather the whole posture training and education situation on the ground will be examined by a specialist times de you possibly can give hints what is overall improvement. Before the German Shepherd is only a problem and then, if necessary, to the shelter Dauergast. For problem Shepherds are later practically without indirectly and your's so young, if that is not quickly steered in right paths can it even more out of hand.

Is it the bite an aggressive or more playful?

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