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Hello. Whenever I go to my girlfriend jumps me the small dog always on and climb my leg up and scratched with his claw me totally the leg on. how can I break him of that? I stump him then always slightly off and he then comes back. ..thank you

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how can I break him of that?

You do not, that must make your girlfriend. The dog is simply ill-mannered!

If it does not manage to train your dog, you should visit a dog school. There she meets and even the dog!

it brings me always up in the car, because they can not have it of him.

Of course they can, they must even! A dog may be not able to move freely in the car. Dogs may ride only gesicherrt. Either means of transport box or tether (special Dog Belt)!

Remember that you may have a penalty if your dog in the car is not sufficiently assured. Dogs in the car are strictly as a "charge" and must be secured under the rules for traffic safety

http: //www.bussgeldkatalog-mpu.de/bussgeld/sicherheit-im-strassenverkehr/hunde-i ...


So if I understand correctly the dog jumps every time you go to your friend and then opens the door to the. Correct?

Your girlfriend should try him the completely wean. You can then do nothing. You must.

And every time it rings, you should only have him in his place and again, unless he understands he needs only to his place and stay relaxed, and then the door is opened.

He remains calm and relaxed from the start.

To should start in any case. So what exactly is a dog?

It sounds to me also as if he had super energy and is still young. If you tidy with Him walking so that it is balanced?

simply turn away and ignore.

Helps in most dogs.

That's a stupid idea to turn away that brings nothing namely: (you have to make sure that one of you know him in his place!

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