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perhaps one a few answers I can have here give .. My friend was in September last year with his car on the way home. For this he had to go through a roundabout. As it is so true right of way. So he looked to the left was nothing going on .. but then he had to immediately decelerate sharply because cars in front of him for a pedestrian stop had (crosswalk). soak two days after the run and on the vehicle's he asked me if I went somewhere to as the license plate and the paint were dadrüber easily scraped. I was not aware and he immediately told me yes then you have me so one be moved to the cart. then wanted to the police complaint against unknown make on the following Monday. Well .. but nothing was as it already on Monday a letter in the mailbox had he should even report to the police. The police then told him that he has ascended to the car in front of him. The man in the car in front of him has noticed well and is the next exit out and was waiting for my friend did not come naturally .. he is the next but get home .. He has him but also not on it pointed he out on him waiting .. For my friend it was hard braking and more not .. now he has the salad .. lawyer turned but until now have not really heard of the fall .. Can pass as hit and run? The Lord has indeed done nothing before him simply drove and the next out .. I think you could even can stop at the roundabout just right or the warning lights on etc. but he had simply not noticed. What can it now because in the worst case happen? He is still in the trial period ..

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Here it will be difficult. About a verifier proof is whether your friend should have noticed the collision or not.

What comes out, we can not tell you unfortunately. However, you must also expect that the report might turn out to the detriment of your friend.

Then he has the whole range about Unauthorised removing from the accident at the neck. This is not pleasant.

If you can prove your friend that he had the accident due to the circumstances must notice then threatens him criminal proceedings for anything forbidden removing from the accident. The consequences depend on the extent of damage, but are expected to move in this area:

  • Fined 25-40 daily rates
  • 2 points
  • Probation measures [Aufbauseminar, probation extension if 1.Verstoß]

If the damage is more than 1300 € amount in addition:

  • Ban 1-3 months or disqualification from driving for at least 6 months
  • 3 points

In addition, claims for compensation of insurance are possible.

Can it not prove that he must have noticed the accident then deleted the offense alleged. Then he will have to reckon with only a caution money of 35 €.

  1. A collision one notices. The surprise sufficient as accident experts are happy to prove to you or the experts in court.
  2. Regardless: Hit and Run is a hit and run and ignorance is no excuse!

was punished In Fahrerflucht during the probation period, the convicted criminal and or with points from Flensburg, an advanced seminar is arranged and the probationary period shall be extended by two years. In serious cases, the driving license and a driving license ban threatens.

Theoretically, the hit and run, but must still be proven.

But I think your friend should (to confess without guilt) try to agree with the other except by the court on a compensation payment for retraction of the display.

That was still a hit and run. It depends on the judge, as it decides. In the worst case scenario he may sell his license and pay for everything themselves. There is still a fine.

Well, the front will have thought that your boyfriend has also noticed and goes after him.

to clear the roundabout was yes ok. You had everything else stopped.

Interestingly, he probably had the flag ..

The whole story sounds pretty implausible. If the "Lord" in the car out drives up your friend and holding, then the collision must have been so hard at least that the "Lord" assumed that there must have noticed your friend. Was it not perhaps so that one is on either side got off, and has agreed to discuss the matter at the next exit? And your friend is then, now Frack buzzing getting, easily driven away home? When the two are in fact not get off, where will the "Lord", the car plate of your friend have had? As yet it is possible that the police have made your friend so quickly locate. Something is rotten in the story. And yes, I can well imagine that you sued your friend because without justification, the scene of the accident.


Yes, that is unauthorized removal from the accident. Very implausible that you do not notice such a collision.

However, it has also not on it pointed out to him that he out there waiting for him.

How then, and why? It is assumed that your friend has noticed that and would follow him. The argument: "Did I not noticed!" not retreating, that believes no ....

Whoever ascends's guilt.

I would find oneself in roundabout

No. It is more than useful to clear with a slight body damage as soon as possible the road and not to obstruct traffic. Please where would want Andren drive past, when there is only large Palalver the roundabout? at the latest on a larger vehicle breaks the entire market together !!!

Can pass as hit and run?

Jup !!!

Can pass as hit and run?


it was not hard braking and more

Implausible, because it shows the one when a hintendrauf drives

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