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My best friend had a few times unprotected GE.schlec, tsver-returning with her boyfriend but she has long their rule not get exactly how long they unfortunately do not know how can they remember now whether she is pregnant or not? At a pregnancy test she comes not ran since her mother is a strict Catholic and she is also secretly with her boyfriend ..

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A test (not in Rewe) buy everyone in the pharmacy. Because is not prompted for the denomination. What has to do a test so that the mother is Catholic? Even Catholic women can get pregnant - and guess what they do then? Buy a test. Or they go to the gynecologist and leave it there ascertain the pregnancy. The only other way would be to wait until the belly is thick and the child comes.

Your girlfriend should contact Pro Familia. There they get counseling and possibly also a test, or a recommendation for it. Or go straight to FA. Since it does not need to ask her mother.

Oh man! From the bus to the next town and buy a test, stay overnight at the girlfriend and there take the test. Or: make appointment with the FA and take the bus to go there .... In the age of Internet to act as inflexible time, before almost 30 (!!!) years I had my sister (living with the strictly Catholic. Parents in the village) asked by phone (was in a city am.arbeiten) bring their condoms. When my Ma I iwann times showed what they had found with her, I had answered her that I would have worried her these things, and that probably would be better than to be pregnant. Then my mum was a little calmer. LG

In their place, I would as soon as possible to make an appointment at the gynecologist. However, the gynecologist will want to know when they last had their rule. A clue he needs already. And if it is not pregnant, then take care of prevention.

Manoman as they ought to have prevent fortiori. Sure she is pregnant. You can also go to the gynecologist. The can determine the well - or friend to buy a test

A pregnancy test there at any pharmacy and class gibts everywhere to it need not her mother! And also in the Müller there I think what

Of course, one comes to a pregnancy test, for example, Rewe or so selling and otherwise halt to the gynecologist can give you a definite diagnosis

sit down in the bus and ride in another hole, where the pharmacy, they can buy a test. Can not be that hard!

Of course, they can independently buy in a drugstore or pharmacy a pregnancy test and make the secret. Possibly you help her case and her makes with you! Or they go to a gynecologist .... but why it is ever so irresponsible and pops without contraception rum?

The pregnancy test visit for about 10 € a prescription at the pharmacy.

Then they should go to the gynecologist / a gynecologist.

a pregnancy test to buy, they do not need their mother ...

To a pregnancy test, they can not get ran ...

One can except pregnant still some sex

diseases catch ... As would be a Pregnancy

and a child's education a dollop of hand.

Then the guy is just a get - or warten--

and then share the child to raise.


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