Up to how many things I can easily sell on Ebay?

Hey wanted to know how many things I can sell easily a month on eBay. Is there a limit? I found this so far nothing current.


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Each eBay customer can use up to 20 deals a month at any starting price, cost more Einstellgebühren. With a starting price of Eur 1.00 100 items per month can be set free.

In both cases, sales commission is charged.

The danger lies in one assessed by the tax Gewerblichkeit. Lies to please to here:


The link to the eBay fee schedule follows the comment.

There is no particular standard. You have to be careful that you as a private seller einstellst no new products, because they are commercial reserved. One can be warned quickly - and that's expensive.

Why should there be a limit? It may indeed any order as much as you want so it should be no problem. And so much per month you will probably not order.

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