URGENT! Why my dog ​​reacts so funny in some people?

Hello, my dog ​​is a bitch is well educated, is well-behaved, never bites and is never aggressive. But now and then he responds to visit strange and slightly aggressive. A child is now to be visited for 2 weeks with us, at the beginning where they arrived, my dog ​​has poses no problems. But since noon today she is in his presence be aggressive because in his. It reacts with growling and barking. (His sister is on and it reacts normally.)

I do not know what to do there, because the boy is still a while I hope you can help me

The best answer

possibly the child for the dog too restless which makes the dog upset and nervous. Keeping dog definitely under strict control and not let a moment with the child alone!

I could well imagine that the boy has then done something with the dog. We were recently eating, and as such was a naughty brat (not mean any harm, but it was amazing how the child was untutored) to us with such a Plastikrasenmeher and hit my dog ​​with it. Were directly times a thunderstorm from me. The adults of the table has absolutely not interested, probably has not noticed or ignored all. The child is withdrawn and came with a money box again and has permanently shaken. My dog ​​can not from loud noises. The child came closer and closer and I thought so equal flies Moneybox towards Suki. Luckily, she has risen shortly before and all the money is flying around. -.-

Children are for me just as unpredictable as some animals.

My guess does not agree, but it would be very obvious. Children sometimes do not even know what is right and wrong.

This behavior is a sign of insecurity. Dogs react just young children often face in this way. This usually has to do with the movements of small children walking insecure / unstable or even crawl.

That she behaves so only after a while, just may have to do with it, that it has now realized that the child does not disappear. It need not necessarily something happened - it is possible, however, nevertheless.

It definitely makes sense, dog and children not to be alone with each other. You should also make sure that no child her food bowl approaches (best put away when it is empty) and that they will not be bothered by the kids when she has lain down somewhere.

Try not to let the bitch zwangsstreicheln or ranzuführen close to the child, because that will only aggravate the situation. If it does not come to rest, it makes more sense to let the dog in another room.

Much Walking also helps to calm the nerves again.

In any case, should be exercised in the handling of child and dog caution because of the barking and growling can also be a slight pinch and bite when the dog feels harassed.

Certainly the child did with the dog anything that does not suit him. Maybe pulled on the tail, pinched him, or the like. If that does not work with the child, you should prefer the child to send back home as imprisoning your dog somewhere. Because the dog is not there at home and the children.

Barking and growling is to be evaluated only once as a communication and not as aggressive as long as a dog that does not is the "child" not yet fallen into the well!

Clasp me because my speakers at, it seems as if the boy probably meant a dog is a toy ...

I would take the boy time to prayer and talk to him, but above all else it should be ensured that never a child if the family or someone else with the dog left alone, even their own children can get silly ideas and do something that the dog or displeases him scares and so it can always cause an accident, that it is always given by an adult care.

Furthermore, the dog should have a retreat may enter the NO child, not even their own children. It must be ensured that the dog there had his peace and he is looking at this place, so it is there left alone!

Children must no matter how old they are also understood that a dog is not a toy and may be so sweet and nice nen dog, so every dog ​​can sometime at the end of patience thread times are evil, but he has a place where he knows that he will be left in peace, he will visit this place if they want to have peace.

Maybe the boy did what what the dog did not like? Dogs remember that.

Hmm ... I thought the smell of the Child recalls the dog to anything? Perhaps the child petted an animal?

Sometimes dogs are just like that. If they react skeptically or agresiv then it comes the person vllt something funny before. The only thing you can do is your dog to the little boy to get used or you're going to a dog school but I do not think the would be worthwhile.

Best regards :)

You can not much machen.Das child has done something what the dog mißfiel.Bleib always near which there is no trouble. And when it does not work send the child home to his parents.

Since the child has probably done something that the dog sustained not like ...

Then the child has done something that did not like the dog. Dogs remember that.

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