Urgently! Psychosomatic clinic


I am 13 and will be admitted to a psychosomatic clinic (my parents want the so). But since there is no psychological or somatic problems with me, I find this quite unnecessary, also because it has only disadvantages:

-I asleep in hospital -no Wireless -added -no phone nothing to do with reality-there is no reason to be treated stationary -with there was a psychologist no conversation

Can I prevent this? Do not have a free choice of doctor and can not decide against it. Can the take me against my will there?


The best answer

Your Eltlern want not sure you'll received there because they want to go on vacation. Sure have a reason why they want to instruct you there.

It is quite common that there is no Wi-Fi and cell phone in such a clinic. That you certainly do only good.

No one ends up in a hospital, in which there is no comprehensible reason. So you will not come anyway by a doctor there without a referral.

they may, your parents will have a reason and the doctor also

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