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Hello I bik currently on the position and should now make a urine sample. I did not use drugs or otherwise. I have the last chance to provide a urine sample tomorrow. But that urination works under pressure no matter how much I need. Could you give me a hint if you can handle the test. Please because I do not know what other consequences would be.

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I really do not do drugs but what can I do that I'll watch it can not urinate before people myself. My employer setting of this problem as me this is uncomfortable also in the work.

That is no excuse! There is a medical reason why this is so. Then I will not detail it go because it is very complex here. What could make you to drink up "full". With water understood;) Occasional no carbonated beverages but ACE juice or tap water. So you can absorb more. Go at night if you're not going to bed to the bathroom. Believe me if you do not have to THEN I also know not :-)

~ Student of human medicine ~

@ CptainMax97

If you have nothing to hide, why you ask for the question?

You were guaranteed also explains why you should Add your urine.

Maybe you can refuse you, it the employer could but draw his conclusions.

But that urination works under pressure no matter how hard I have to

Are you sure that it is not an excuse.?

But what else in the game ??

You can only take the test - or lose the job.

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