USA Radio German music?

Runs on the radio in the US German Music like us English music?

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I live in the US and the answer is no. Here you hear many times light somewhere in Club Nena or Rammstein, but the radio I have not heard. I think the only German song was even "Completely detached from the earth .."

Probably would at us run more German music. What is brought there is already a matter of taste and not for everyone. Therefore, in our much Englisch.Was make me however surprised that one little title from other European countries to listen.

So to answer the question: No!

Believe rather not run it here American songs simply because they are just "Add" and pretty much run all over the world;)

well, in the United States know the least robby williams ... so I believe nich

No, apparently it like the Americans to listen all day songs in their native language.

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