USB or HDD heavier?

Hey people I've heard that a USB or a disk-heavy wied if what saves it? Is everything on the "myth" something to it or is just schwachsinn..würd happy wenns could someone tell me

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It's bullshit. a hard disk, only the magnetic structure is changed. It is added or subtracted anything.

Practically as if you were forwards or backwards on the scale.

Hello FiveVegaZz,

This article might be interesting for you -

Incidentally, this question was asked here to often as

/ Ask / have-data-influential-to-weight-of-disk

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If one were to look at themselves as a hard disk works, one can say that this is theoretically easier as a laser weglasert minimal portions of the metal disk inside

Ok ... I now mach ne mille pictures of bullion to my hard drive .... Is it now worth more?

How is that, please?

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