USB Stick 3.0 formatted in NTFS but ...

I bought a USB Stick 3.0. I can of course verbirnden to the PC and a mobile. I wanted a file that is 7GB grab it, but it was too big for that. I wanted it then reformat to NTFS. I did it and then my USB stick with my phone. Since I had to somehow turn USB Stick Format otherwise I could not connect it with my phone. I did it. Then again connected to my PC and looked at the properties of the USB sticks. After formatting the computer stood NTFS. But after formatting with the cell phone (must unfortunately make) stood again as before formatting FAT32. Can someone please tell me a solution how I can use the Formatting and even omitting the USB stick on my phone?

Thank you in advance

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You could try it with exFAT format. The supports large files and you have at least a chance that your phone supports it. If that does not work, then there is no way.

Try it once with exFAT, the generally understood to Windows and Linux.

All USB sticks are generally formatted in FAT32!

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