Used car purchase Fiat Grande Punto Sport

Will buy a Grande Punto Sport with 130 PS have an offer for 3,000 € in front of me 96kw with 126,000 km Multijet. To me, the prior cheap ..... too cheap BJ is 2006. What ye keep von.Fiat and what could be the car for hidden quirks have?

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I drive for 14 years and Fiat had 3 Puntos, from my own experience, I advise you from a Punto purchase of more than 100, 000 Km down hat.Fiat builds super cars and beautiful, but the Puntos are very vulnerable from a certain mileage ... grade the T-Jet engines are not exactly very langlebig..der price for this Punto is absolutely you gerechtfertigt.Such prefer a model which has less on the clock ....

Much too expensive ! The mood has 126,000 km. Have a MBC180 for 50 euro bought (built in 1997 u.135.000 km (owner 84 years) and has him two years no longer driven (garage). HU / AU to 2016, 4 new tires (all-weather) have u.kleine inspection 690 Euro cost. insurance with partial coverage ca.51 euro / month, tax ca.67 Euro / year and at 50%.

I do not find that the Fiat is expensive? I bought an Opel Zafira B for 6,000 €. The price is perhaps on the equipment? How does it look with Navi etc from?

My Opel with Navi, rain sensor, light automatic, automatic 7 seats,

Is also built in 2006 and has 150,000 KM down.

I'd him kaufn - got himself a Stilo (2004) purchased around 2700 €

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