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for a garden project I am looking for a used, old or screened crates. I need about 150 boxes. Is there a way to buy them somewhere? The relevant sites like ebay and Co I am unfortunately not found anything. Do you have a tip for me? THANK you ever for your help!


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How about the beverage market around the corner?

Must only pay the deposit. At 4.50 per crate is just € 675.

Alternatively, get yourself beverage companies like Coke. Write to and tell what you're doing with it, and the best will see many. A cheap advertising for not going. Also mention that it should be the old boxes are no longer needed. Thus, you have a better chance. but not leave it at a manufacturer.

Ask when breweries or other beverage bottlers?

What crates do you mean? Beer, water or juice boxes made of plastic? The cost you exactly pledge. However, that's "neat" at 150 crates. But I do not think that you can get the cheaper elsewhere there are indeed covered with deposit, therefore always remain beautiful in the circuit and will be kicked out if they break.

Old wooden wine boxes, however, are more expensive, even on ebay.

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