Valentine's Day gift - what do you say?


I am 17 / m and am with my girlfriend (15) together now for almost a month. So not so long. Now yes on Saturday Valentine's Day and I would like to give her a small gift. I was thinking to give her roses and one or more marzipan heart (she loves marzipan). What do you all mean? Is that okay? (Too little / too much / what else?) And how many roses should I give? As I said we have until next week (after Valentine's Day) a monthly together and I do not know if that fits so when I arrive with a whole bouquet of roses: D

MFG dani1o1 :)

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Honestly, as has been said, the gesture counts. The Valentine's Day should be a nice opportunity to make themselves Mutually a pleasure and not to big presents. I think your idea really nice and not too exaggerated. I'd buy you either a rose or a number with meaning such. As a rose for every week that her together since (ie 3-4) ;-).

I think generally for Valentine's Day the most beautiful, a little small, but to buy something with meaning, z. B.

  • flowers
  • Sweets
  • stuffed animal
  • A flower / flowers and a sweet cuddly toy
  • A flower / flowers and chocolate
  • Walking together Essen
  • The rooms beautifully romantic and jointly spend Decorate a nice evening.

I wish you a lovely Valentine :-).

Yes .... it is supposed to be just a gesture and you've already thought. Roses you can so many schenkn as you like, but 1-3 is enough ... good luck completely :-)

A Rose is perfectly adequate but the thought that counts

Schenk her a rose and screaming after FlCK ME sorry am now disabled it: D

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