Valiant Ecotherm is hot water only at full scale of the domestic hot water regulator. Why?

Tested I have the DHW NTC. It provides approximately 400 ohms at 20 ° and 800 ohms at 50 °. Once I pull him or shorting comes ne error message.

The potentiometer behind the upper knob also makes a normal impression. Perhaps the three-way valve switches accordingly? Heating seems to work more normally. Rather, it runs even more than necessary. Who can help me?

The best answer

call the customer service can dranrumfumeln everyone afterwards is all adjusted well without technical knowledge is something leave as it is

Hello BigLittle,

I had actually hoped for a more technical tip ... ;-)

I can call the customer service when I get stuck, but is clear anyway.

Is there perhaps someone with a similar problem?

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