valid sick note?

Today I was at the doctor and have let me write ill. Now I noticed that on the sick note though the stamp but the signature of the physician is up because I got it at the secretariat. Is it now valid or not? Thanks in advance :)

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A medical certificate is in legal terms a certificate, a signature is generally required for.

The some responses (eg ZuumZuum) put forward about this Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetz (without exact document) is unnecessary because the law to say nothing.

Strictly speaking, therefore, an AU is no signature, no valid evidence of disease.

Another question is whether the employer satisfied anyway with the stamp on the AU are (especially the "signature" of most physicians in the concrete view "any" quite).

On the following page (which is actually the backdating an AU treated) will say something to the need for a signature:

I would eventually ask again for confirmation

Easy to safety again briefly go to the doctor and have it signed.

Signature should always be on it, which have in practice seem to forget: -S

Yes she is. The Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetz knows no form of coercion to the AU, you need only include the You are unable to work and the estimated Time.

Must always be signed. Otherwise, it is not legally valid.

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