Variety while walking with my dog

Hello, and although I wanted to ask if their possibilities know with whom you can employ his dog outside varied. I have a 2-year-old Golden Retriever males, the total joie de vivre and around raging wild. I apportiere with him and hide his dummies and (what he loves about everything) but when walking I will require his head still little more. Thanks in advance, lg

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Hello and good day, great idea from you. Can you imagine a dog club to do with? As you learn your dog useful to employ and educate well. This makes a lot of fun and joy. You could with the dog zBdie BHP make etc.Gucke some games on the net where a club is. Furthermore, a lot of pleasure with your retriever and a nice weekend.

Dummytraining is ever great. Let's also. You can also vary with lie down somewhere, continue to run away and leave him looking, or even assemble a stimulus Angel with the dummy here. Since many dogs stand on it totally. Or let him time Handle multiple Dummies Search and then he gets the reward only when really ALL there is.

What also still makes a lot of joy is tracking search. He must also make an effort right nose. =)

he tolerates it to go to the city? Or somewhere where many people are? When the Red Cross, the dog must so what can.

go regularly strange way that gives new impressions and much to sniff. Get thee to a zoo or to the zoo.

Hang out with other dog people and goes for a walk together.

How about the dog school?

Especially makes your dog also enjoy with other contemporaries rumzutoben. They are like little children and want to play of course, but being together with others.

LG sheltie,

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