Ventilated wooden facade - Does the black fleece front of or behind the Unterlattung?

I want to my outer wall (30 AAC) install a pre-hung wooden façade horizontal Rhombusprofilen larch. The masonry brings the required insulation value, so I do not need additional insulation. That the masonry should be however still plastered against the wall mounting because of the wind tightness of the masonry (min. Base plaster) I've already found here. Now to the real question: Since it is an open facade, you would see the UK and it also lead to accumulation of dirt in the gap. Therefore, a black fleece to be installed (unanimous opinion). There is only about the installation disagreement. I would fleece yes to the UK installing (thus directly behind the diamonds And). So one would have obscured the UK and no dirt enters. But I have also read that only the fleece, the UK and then the diamonds come. This does not appear to me so reasonable but I have in my version fear that the ventilation of the diamonds in the arrangement of the web behind the diamonds may still not work, stick water behind the diamonds remains or possibly the fleece in the summer as it expands in the wind from behind strikes the diamonds. Can anyone clear up my concerns? How should the structure of a curtain open wooden exterior look without insulation behind it? Thanks in advance.

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just think of the roofer.

Only the battening, then the flow, and it your facade.

For your facade, and "breathe" the battening behind the Flies.

So it comes ran air, and can not get moldy example.

Please use an air-permeable woven fabric.


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