Verbal attack - justified? (School)

Hello community, I was often ill, one of my exam did not go so well.

I then asked the teacher what I can do to improve my score in the art. Then he said

"We Possibly even an exam before the holidays"

Then a girl came up to me and said, "What, you have the teacher said that we should write a work ?! How could you just? That you get a bad grade have is your own bad luck, not my problem. You must have time thinking about our class and not only to you !! "

The girl usually has very good grades. It is also best in class.

Well, I have not even asked him directly, but he has himself said / proposed.

Do you find justified their reaction? How would you react in my place? What would you answer her?

Thank you very much !

The best answer

No, this reaction is absolutely unjustified. It seems to me the lady has a slightly increased potential for aggression. I in your place, it would be completely care. You see finally himself to a certain extent, that their reaction was not justified, otherwise you would have not busy to tell you himself that he has put forward the proposal and not you. As I said, simply ignore this Gezicke. If it is top of the class should be no problem for them another exam.

In your place I would tell her either, that you have not asked, but that the teachers themselves came up with the idea, or completely ignore their posturing. Was the girl physically present in the situation, then she has noticed how the conversation went. If she was not there, then you could educate them about it. When you talk to her, then tell her but also that it is an outrage of her, you verbally address so instead first ask, what has gone. Finally, one should always consider that you might have sometimes misunderstood something that occurs even at best in class.

I think it would be great if jmd makes such a proposal .. But have you tried to explain to her? One probably understands it's yes! And they overreacted in my opinion .. !! And how is it ever came out that you asked the teacher after?

1. This reaction is not gerchtfertigt. But is every time the same. 2. What would I do: turn around and ignore 3. What shall I answer: ". Hay better for you bring but otherwise high marks because you can abreumen again really"

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