Vertices from left to right - Can a hairdresser simply adjust my hair?

Hello Dear Community,

I M (19) is currently wearing a normal short haircut (Pages 1 mm, above longer 3-4 cm) and have curly / very strong hair. My hair is really very special. Feel almost like a brush or sheep's wool: D

Now to my question: is the only thing I do in the morning: I wash my hair and combs it then to the left. I must do the same then as if my hair is dry, it can be styled hardly.

Now a Locke has recently directly to my "pony" formed, but you do not see when I comb my hair right.

Because my hair is so tight, it's more difficult they are now combing overnight to right.

Can a hairdresser simply adjust my hair?

The best answer

Be glad that you have no other problems and rejoice your life.

Believe me, there are more important things in life than the hair length measured in mm and thoughtfully wondering about whether she combs from right to left or from left to right.

some games, then fix experiment with hairspray. grow mustache, borrow combat boots from buddy and go Mutti scare NEN right fright by looking agrressiv sentences brubbelst before you go. The words refugee, Sche! Ss and scum must be clear to hear ... xD

I think it's more difficult to force your hair in a completely different direction .... but I'm not a hairdresser ... ;-)

Go to the hairdresser and you let drag a vertex.

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