very embarrassing situation in school :(

Hello zusamen Today at school I got my days. And I gspührt how well it is ausgloffen. and wanted to go to the bathroom. But my teacher would not let me go. So I waited a bit and suddenly I realized that everything is ausgeloffen. I got total panic and blib me no choice but it with my girlfriend to tell the teacher after the lesson and ask if I can go short home. To attract me another pant. As he understood it and apologized that he did not let me go to the bathroom. I find it sooo embarrassed I can not look him without that I should be ashamed sooo. is sometimes even someone happened? And that you also so embarrassing? (I am 13) Very best regards and pls no unnecessary comments :(

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That you should not be embarrassed. This is you, until you happen more often your days sometime in mid 40 or later no longer have. Use the whole next time rather than strength. If you can not be your teacher, you can tell him calmly that you can also vollblluten everything and he can help you with the brush. Then he stands in the embarrassing situation, not you. :-) It's what all natural and happens every woman several times in life. Heads up :-)

Hi, I think it does not take much imagination to recreate this very unpleasant situation for you r) at least approximately ... you are embarrassed, understandably, but I believe it your teacher a long way, and that even more embarrassing it be pretty ashamed for it (which he has every reason) ... men - teachers - often have inhibitions to talk about shame and other emotions - that he has apologized, will probably saying something since. Let it rest and try to tick it - he will have learned its lesson to commit (also and just as an adult) and that mistake ever again. Wishing you all the best ! :) Greetings, Elsie

That can not be ... eh A teacher may not forbid you that you might if was just break loo go .. ..

It may require that you say communication but not more ..

Anyway, he will prohibit you never have to go to the bathroom ...: D Maybe you should always from there where you could get your usually what drinne / have dranne?

He is sure that soon forget, do not worry :) and besides, you did the right thing and he somehow not .. :)

I think that's any ever happened head high is what normal

actually it should be the teacher embarrassing, not you. The period is the most normal thing in the world, and there is nothing embarrassing turn.

Honestly what you had from the beginning to say. We do this in the well so that something does not happen in our class.

For this you need not be ashamed, something is as good as any ever happened, if not worse, imagine the whole school would have seen, that would be bad, but that not :)

That is precisely the course of nature you do not have to be ashamed Ps: With 13 beautiful: O (Although I'm a boy but: O)

Take it easy. That belongs nunmal to womanhood it. It's just the teacher. Do clear in your mind that it is fart matter what the thinks of you.

The type is grown up and sensible. I am 100 per sure does not think in the least to this situation, if he now, then, sees you.

Next time you get up easily and go to the toilet. You do not ask you to share it with him. If he comes to you goofy you can after class to talk to him and just say that it was an emergency.

Next time you say directly to your teacher your problem. He is a teacher and a child who laughs. Certainly it has happened already often in the classroom with him ... Do not as a head of it. And the guys will also soon forget everything and no longer laugh about it

LG <3

Your teacher must be embarrassed, and that's it ... otherwise he would not apologize to you.

this must be your teacher embarrassing !! So this is not to believe that yes who has not left you on the toilet! it has since seen anyone else?

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