Video blocked but it has nothing to do with GEMA?

I've googled but I find often that deal with countries lock and after that I did not want out, but what no one really understands, the videos that have been blocked by authors such as in my case Pokemon episode 1 (mirrored) that there is etlich people who upload it want without a barrier and warning if necessary to collect Strike only how best what not reinnehmen at Pokemon video? (Eg Pokemon Rap or intro or sequence etc.)

The best answer

The videos are mostly automatically marked on known video and / or audio clips in violation.

Therefore, many people reflect your videos, which makes it more difficult to find these automated. Audio Technically the pitch or the speed is slightly increased or decreased so that the sound pattern different from the original and so is harder to find.

Manual Search for infringements can not be tricked so but :)

Date: 2018-07-07 Views: 2

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