Videos via Sms Message!?!

Hey What it costs if I send a 5 second video via sms? I live in Switzerland and my provider is Swisscom. Your Pädy

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@ Kobold1447,

To send a video via SMS can not function because the SMS is a purely text-based message service. The MMS is a contrast media news service. However, sending an MMS is disproportionately expensive and there is no flat rate for sending MMS.

The better way to send a video is either sharing a download link or may use the app WhatsApp.



Depends on the number of MB that has the video.

Sms and videos does not work. MMS and video works. The price was then customary at € 0.39

This question is indeed a few weeks ago, but I think I can answer anyway.

if you have an infinity subscription is free.
Even with the other party, the MMS that ever played practically only offer Flats for free.

Which subscription do you have? or if you do not know the names, how much it costs per month? I know myself with the subscriptions relatively good

You mean MMS, SMS messages are.

That will not do, take watsapp.

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