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my best friend is totally slipped because of his new 'friends' and only makes criminal things .. I have become not care I can do or what I want, he can not hear me .. I will show him for the things around him eyes open? or maybe other suggestions? Thank you in advance..

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Put it before the election, maybe it helps .. ads maybe he opens his eyes but your friendship is determined to go to pieces ..

to open his eyes? The only thing you will achieve is that he is angry with you and / or feels betrayed by you. Then you have completely lost the wire to it and even introduced him to serious problems in the future.

If you want to display it on the things for bad, you can already do, but his insight you will not get so well.

I had half a year ago new people even've wanted, I know how hard it is to deal with it but the best.

If him his "friends" at some point down, he suddenly stands at your door and needs your help ;-) waiting there just from, you can not do anything because he denied everything ... and if you aufdrängelst you he takes a fortiori distance from you

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