Violetta come, or is together with whom?

The main issue for me is eig. Whether naty and Felipe come zsm and Maxi with Matylda but the others I also want to know Thank you ♡

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Hello, So I once saw how Naty and Felipe kissed and wanted as Matilda Maxi kiss her but not what geling. I write here and the couple towards the together at the end of Season 3:

  1. Naty + Maxi
  2. Violetta + Leon
  3. Camila + Broadway
  4. Fran + Diego (here I'm not so sure, but I think so that they in the end still are together)
  5. Ludmila + Federico
  6. Gery + Alex
  7. Angie + German (the even marry)

LG Leonetta: D

Yes so naty and Felipe Maxi matilda Leon violetta (?) Diego Francessca Violetta Clement Leon Alex Ludmila Fede Cami broduey Angie German German priscila Beto Olga Olga Ramallo Jade father of Clement

I take time to which you are talking about a series. People produce series to make money. The longer and more successful the series East, the more they earn. To your question: If someone knew, you would see the series not and if the series look less human, the producer earns less money. Will the producer? No! Reason, not many know how it goes and ends.

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