Vofafone mobilfunk contract notice

Have completed before 3tagen a portable radio contract with vodafone. A partner agreement with 2iphones for € 100. This is also not important. The thing is I want the contract not yet. The cards and mobile phones are still in the packaging have not unpacked yet. I was looking at vodafone I thought since I'm not meht out. Can someone please help because I have no 14days Wiederrufsrecht?

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A statutory right of withdrawal, there is only by distance selling (by telephone, WWW, ...) contracts negotiated.

In addition, you have only the right to return, if it was agreed beforehand or was so widely advertised ... the conditions mentioned here.

actually you have a right of withdrawal .... if I'm not mistaken now. So do not let yourself get rid of. Otherwise, once let the contract documents you received from the employee by.

Apart are also cheaper contracts per IPhone € 50 / month so ... that is much cheaper

Anyone can contract by 14 days, call again even mobile phone contracts, without giving reasons. If wishing to rid yourself threatened with an attorney. LG and beautiful evening you ︝

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