Volume control for incoming messages / running apps - iPhone 6 iOS 8

I have noticed for some time, that when listening to music and simultaneous input of messages to decrease the volume. Not only in the time of the message tone comes, but also afterwards. It normalizes again only once we get the next message. Occurs not always, but often enough that it interferes.

similarly when using apps. Ex. Music playback while Facebook. If you play within Facebook a video with sound from, is in connection, when playing the music again, no longer represented the full volume. The problem is only resolves when terminated Facebook in multitasking. If it continues to run in the background, the music stays quiet. Does anyone have the same problem and knows a solution? Nervt something ....

Hope you understand what I mean.

The best answer

This is by design, but that the volume may be out gets the full output power seems probably actually a bug in iOS to be. Just because the behavior that is not always occurs fairly obvious. Unfortunately, because you can not go against, sorry :(

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