Voucher ordered arrived nciht, invoice, reminder

Hello everybody,

did last year on 10.01.2014 a voucher ordered then I only received an order summary:

Contact details

Gender: Male first name: Surname: Company:

Street ZIP code city:

Tel .: Fax: E-mail: [email protected]

Ordered items

Article: xxx Price: xx.xx EUR Quantity: 1

Thank you for your request, we will process it as quickly as possible.

Nothing else, then I got in early December, a reminder that looked very dubious. The payment date until then I should please pay the amount but it was in the past, but the letter was provided with current date.

Then by Christmas etc. was the matter fall into oblivion since I have still not received the goods, or an order confirmation or the same.

Then came the end of January the 2nd reminder the threat this give to the Legal Division. DAnn I reported to the dealer, this would then consider it, have them described the event. Today came an e-mail, why do I have reported me so late and that you still insist on paying the bill, although I did not get anything.

What do you think?

Thank you very much.

The best answer

Write them that you have received neither a binding order confirmation nor a statement. Thus has arisen (with payment type itself) no payment obligation.

Incidentally, you do hereby of your right to cancel.

It's about a voucher I ordered at a city in Germany. So actually sero ;-)

What do you think?


Performance has not been provided, so there is no right to remuneration, unless it has been agreed explicitly in advance.

What was indicated? Prepaid account? If prepaid was agreed, then the action of the Dealer is absolutely correct. Then you were also committed the additional costs (default interest and late fees) to be paid.

sounds pretty untrustworthy and according to was. Would pay in your place nothing

what shall we say? we do not know where you've ordered what, at what conditions etc. pp ....

What is that for a company. Where did you ordered the voucher? Is trustworthy?

NO PRODUCT = NO MONEY !!! why you should pay for something, which arrived NEVER! or which systems of payment?

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