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Hello! I want to on 4/18/15 (Saturday) with a few mates in Phantasialand. Did any of you experience with the wait times made (eg with the main attractions)? It's still quite early in the season, and in NRW are there no more holidays. Thank you in advance!

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As the action "1x 2x numbers fun" at the time passes, it is usually difficult vorrausszusagen the exact waiting time. As a rule, Colorado has so 10 -15min. , Black Mamba 20min. , Winja's Fear & Force 20min., ...

These are usually just the standard waiting times in holidays (except during the summer holidays, there are few days that are full extremely).

lg Colo

Grundsätzlch one can only say: On regular school days (no long weekends), the park is usually relatively empty. There has often been no waiting or very short. On weekends and holidays, public holidays, it is against it full, then one can ever stand 20- 30 minutes. Moreover, it also depends on the weather. The worse the weather is, the more people postpone the visit.

As long as the action 1x pay 2x fun it is every Saturday be full. ie it will probably be full. anyway, I wish you and your buddies have fun


It always depends on weather, I guess on the Black Mamba about 1h but peep between immermal and you may get lucky and successfully catch a blank time.

So I was only in the summer and there is really much going dan kp as can be this season, but now when a lot is going on this could take two hours to major attractions

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