Waiving Schwerbehindertenrecht

Ever since I can remember I have the disease epilepsy. But I live like any other human being. Celebration, work, drive a car, relationship, etc. My mother then hairy on a severely disabled ID card of've thankfully no longer I begleitet.da him with rage and no equality of mother ripped me today it Now the question: Can I do without severely disabled right on the and I need the Office enough to justify that I no longer want to apply as schwerbehindere? regular visits to the outpatient neurologist? Or do I have previously so fight through investigations the Office rest are.

Would be nice if you could help me.

The best answer

Sorry, but why do you do so? If you have 50%, you brought the five days but more trips per year ......

To what extent the Office is no rest? What office? I myself have a severely handicapped, but the pension office has voluntarily never contacted me, outside to the 10-year period, after which I had to study again. Were nice if you as something were to say.

Because I'm not handicapped. I drive the car I can work with children and my life is very anderst. It sounds stupid but I do not want that. hands me a visit to the neurologist tells me my eeg shows no activity. And the 5 day vacation I save me

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