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Hi folks, I wanted to ask if you if you lie down with dogs from the shelter Gassi needs a minimum. I would in fact like to own a pet, but it does not necessarily want to lack of space and my parents. Does anyone know what exactly it ?? Or I have heard that you have to sign a contract, maybe someone knows about etwasß LG Lenchen545

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If you like to be a walk-goers for a shelter, then simply call time in a shelter near you and ask for ...

Here already someone once wrote that you have placed a member of the SPCA to reason - I do not know so ...

We have every few months a 2 X 4 hours of training for future Gassi-goers; That's for free. However here may only aged 16 and over (with parental consent) Gassi-goers ...

Good luck!

This is different from shelter to shelter. With us it is so that, subscribe to a list, if you pick up the dog, also a card must always be presented and you must not be a minor. But when you a member of the youth group of the shelter, can also walk the dog, help with the cleaning, prepare open houses and look after. Just ask at the shelter near you by.

A minimum age can enter. Each shelter is different. Sometimes from 12 times from 14 I would just go once. It is still on it whether an escort is.

You inquire at the shelter, the shelters regulate something different!

I did that too long. In the shelter you had to be as Gassi goers 18 years old.

I think that handles each shelter a little different. Just call over at times or go and Inform yourself.

Just call in to the shelter. They can definitely help you feel better.

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