Walking black shoes for every outfit?

Hello my dears,

my question is already above .. Beware black shoes (ballerinas, flats) to any outfit? Even at a, in the otherwise not occur black? Specifically this involves ne dark blue jeans, white top and beige sweater ..

Thank you.. :)

The best answer

Basically, I would say - yes, that is !! My girlfriend also contributes always exactly the same wagon and I find that it looks really totally super :) Would even say that it is one of the outfits that I find the most beautiful on her!

Of course, is purely subjective but I would say that it comes and works really well!

Black shoes but you can generally contribute to almost every outfit I find!

Hope I could help you!

beige sweater and black shoes - does not look good

I think this can wear you black shoes! Are you black Accessories, with which you could pick up the color of the shoes in the outfit again?

But even if not, to the outfit I would itself also black shoes.

For blue and white, I find black shoes always fit;) That is such a kind of gradation up: D

no, black shoes do not fit any color really good

yes black always looks good sweety

Yes, I think it goes with everything.

Yes the fit but I find :)

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