Walking the dog in the yard with a 3 month old puppy

Is there a law that forbids me with my dog ​​in the yard of our apartment buildings to go?

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jepp there prohibiting not gassi go but that it is called house rules. That means the owner can prohibit you to carry out on-site a dog

Probably the fundamental rules that dogs are not allowed in the rental home?

normally not what he puts his heap or anywhere that leg raises probably dislike

There is not any nonsense same law. If you wegmachst the dog feces, nobody can forbid, to go there with the dog out.

If you do not do the dirt away, which can be really expensive

your dog should not have to solve in the courtyard of an apartment building itself, but outside of this Court .. this he must always walk a lot more than just the yard, finally should an animal 3x amtag 1 hour Gassie managed .also if you do it away hygienic, it is not when playing there kids!

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