Want females freedom or control? Description below

Hey guys,

I wonder that for some time and just come in no denominator. I give every woman really any freedom. Say she can do what she wants in a relationship. go alien or other serious I finish it right away but I do not previously printed. However, I've since been frequently heard they me "do not care" are and I have virtually pushed so from me. Understand the logic behind not quite. A colleague of mine manages the other way around. He controls his wife literally. Finance, whom she meets, often makes stress due belang Wi. And strangely enough, works with him the relationship quite well ...

Since I do not like einenge people and never do the same thing going here simply times the question simple. Gibts also women that if you air them can appreciate it to breathe? I see it as weak if I have to push a woman only in the corner and check needs what it does to bind them to me.

Thank you in advance for your answer. Busy me a bit longer

The best answer

Look on the Internet at: relationship types

There are certainly bound partners who trust and appreciate and respond appropriately in many situation.

And then there are other partners who bring new features.

Immerse yourself now in this topic. That way you can find out weilche parnter found and how the relationship is then lived.

I think his relationship runs only superficially good. Just because they do not trust then what to say, that does not mean that she is happy. The separation will eventually come spontaneously and he wirds not understand.

Women want a man who has them a direction, the direction should be, in which they want to go anyway. It is almost an impossible task;)

Ne, seriously, actually you do everything right. waiting for one that appreciates that.

And one more thing: Many see jealousy "sweet". If you is a guy uncomfortable, you can tell her quietly. forbid you anything, but make it clear to her how important she is to you and that you are doing worry you. So she has her freedom, but she knows that she NOT you do not care.

Depends on the woman strikes other there are 2 types.

-the one who are shy like a "leader".

-the who are more dominant themselves, want freedom

So if you leave too much freedom, especially with shy that comes just the way over as if it were you care. Because in a sense you want as a woman already that he is jealous when one meets another, even if it is only a friendly: D Mrs logic halt .. but too much is then also not good, so if you then forbid anything. But you have to stop showing interest :)

Unfortunately awakened too much freedom too often leave the impression of lack of interest in the person. It seems an easy to care what he does. Is it because, beautiful, he's gone, too beautiful, I'll get me stop someone new, if need be.

Even if someone Office reckons the freedom and openness that you give him, would like to meet the woman sometimes have the feeling that you missed them, you can find her close very beautiful. A person will be used, otherwise it is fast acting carelessly, you will be as a human being easily replaceable. Good would be just holding the middle ground. If you say, for example, I'll miss you terribly tonight, but I'm glad that you're going to have fun with your girlfriends. And if she's back, then a "nice that you're back."

And a funny said: "But do not let speak of other, you know, I will not give thee" sounds more sweet than jealous.

Will you tell your partner often enough how much it is worth to you and how much you appreciate their love, their friendship, be together and experienced together that you do not want to miss?

I think it can be done without concentration and pressure! But if there is only one live side by side here, then she misses sometime to be really popular and that is for women is also very important.

Freedom requires every person. should concentration, neither a woman nor a man. The girlfriend / wife must unconstrained their leisure time can without being controlled by the boyfriend / husband. Because control is a relationship killer who quickly then ends in dispute and separation. So let your friend quiet a bit of freedom, it gives you so well.

Take nevertheless simply times out your Passi than answers given to you, what was your impression conveyed answer you had you also even been given as get to hear also from one or the other woman probably:

"They me" do not care "are"

If you verfährst so natural and so awaken the impression along the lines of:

"If I with the bin together or in China falls to a bag of rice, or I naked in the street dance Rumba here, and if that is there or not, and which anyway is not interested in me or I can do anything, itches to eh not because of the GAR nO reaction is "...

If that could play so, then you would probably clearance but proffer you vlt. do not give a damn for the lady, then you could probably as "do not care" run ...

Some may find the content toll euphonious your text to be spoon-fed, but can not imagine that there are women who appreciate the freedoms and need their freedom, if freedom but maybe then behaves consistently: "Tjooo, one is holding together, itches me, see you is good, see you is not good, does one thing together, do you not know what the so wants itches me, I'm never against it, but am not sure, and actually you can be single, good for two is also good, but does not have to ... "

So, since I would have much mediocrity shown as examples, while but then what prevails comfortable with that, you can actually alone do his thing makes you hold with other people what (Leisure) man / woman more of it, because you have together fun than with someone who does not know whether fish 'nor meat or whether one is palm or halt fir ...

I like being independent! So I do not like it when I checked. I tell my partner what I'm doing and where I am because I want it. But if I have to justify every step ..... not the point. I would immediately go! Stick with it, you will certainly find a woman who appreciates that. I do not know what that has to do with love if the partner controls everything or even bans. I'm not a little kid!

I think ne mixture of both would be well so let freedom but about borders etc. talk.

With you it sounds as if there is only total control or indifference. How about a middle ground?

Stay as you are. Have been simply the wrong women met.

I give every woman really any freedom. Say she can do what she wants in a relationship.

Since I do not like einenge people and never do the same thing will

Thanks for the hearty laugh !!!

Really loving and selfless of you, every woman to grant * irony * freedom and not to narrow it. About such a man indeed should any woman be really happy * irony *.

You seem to date back to the century before last. Men and women are the same and equal. The counter-question:

Want Men Freedom or control? Would you like that one takes away the air we breathe, which restricts you ????

In a relationship to tie voluntarily to the other. But it is not the property of others, and is and always will remain an independent person. This applies to both sexes equally. You can do nothing to prevent a woman to you. If you do einengst, they control, taking her breath, she runs away to you! :-))))

Apparently is exactly the case with you, because you seem to be completely understandably unsuccessful in women.

Most men will fremdschämen for your antiquated setting.


Your attitude is completely true. My girlfriend had already given me jilted when I would restrict it.

It sounds to me like that of a woman you no interest or confidence give like, in any case, these terms do not appear in your text.

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