Want my dog ​​learn when it rings at the door, that he barks


how can I get my adult dog that it when it rings at the door, is barking ??

Need your advice.

thank you

The best answer

You can try to put him every time when ringing in excitement. At a certain Levelö he will bark safely.

I would never do that - am glad that my tomboy not constantly making noise. Probably you'll be sorry.

I know your living situation, yes, but not if you live with multiple parties in a house or in the immediate vicinity (semi-detached) to another can lead to big problems.

Also I understand the meaning behind it is not really

But good is not my concern.

I would first teach him to bark on command, then ring and at the same time give the command. Eventually he barks when it's ringing

Our bell can be set so that a dog barks when someone rings. If this is set barks my always. But only with the sound. Therefore I do not use it

As an aside: It is said: Prefer teach my dog ​​.... or teach my dog. :)

I would glad my would not do it.

You just have always really excited to run to the door. Eventually the dog barks

Hmmmn ridiculous question ... normal is actually more in demand "MRIN dog barks whom it rings at the door .... what can I tuen"

Schin times over the sets myself complain your neighbor who always barks your dog wen ringing ??? I mean it is so determined ringing sometimes who you're not there (mailman or so) and do not you think that is there who complained wen dan with you constantly raudu are ??? Be you glad you so NEN quiet dog have ...... my neighbors would me definitely on roof rising whom ringing my dog ​​NEM always strikes losbellt

It's annoying but why do you want that? I do not recommend it.

This can take to help would you him if you ever now and again to him

Hinschaust, he shows you then already, what is (posture) as

I think this idea for very inconsiderate.

For what please ?!

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