want to buy me a dog?

Hello, I would like a small but low-maintenance dog. Will often go with him Rauss and should not make a lot of dirt. Which breed of dog would you recommend? Thank you :)

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A dog always makes dirt and labor, who is too much, which should rather set a dog, because then you will soon have too much and get tired.

My suggestion it please contact the shelter, where you can take dogs as a volunteer. The make at home no dirt.

What do you understand by "not much dirt"? Namely, since divorced the spirits.

  • If the dog bit hair, nourishing it healthy (high quality wet food or Barf, no cereals !!).
  • Should he bring some dirt from outside with pure, that comes to the character. My makes not like dirty.
  • Should he not you disassemble your apartment, then laste him daily at least 1.5 hours of active.

Each dog makes dirt, it is perceptive thing, which is much or little. None of this is wirklcih depending on the breed.

Go to the shelter and take the, in which you "fall in love" you and in you "love" itself (which you'll remember already), it's you anyway no matter how much dirt he does and what breed he is!

My cousin has a biewer yorkshire terrier. You can watch yes times photos on the internet look

well, you asked ... change your attitude, then it'll work well with NEM dog .. if not ..... let, buy yourself NEN goldfish .. dogs are pack-animals, the dirt just love as run hunting, etc., whether big or small ...

You want to go out often with the little-maintenance dog, which makes no mess?

No, you would have to if this dog should be born sometime.

since there can be only one dog of Steiff


Medium Poodle :)

a Chinese crested dog ... ^^

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