Want to take off but what dog?

Hello love you, I need so much your advice. So, I'm 25 still have no education wanted to study but catch Abi not going so well. I still living at home. But I would like to move out because my parents (especially my mother) since childhood in all interfering and annoys me. Friends I have no more. Only my dog ​​and my heart aches when I think about to take off and leave him here. If I say I would study times then I would have a lot of time for him but what about next jobs etc.? I do not want him alone so long blank-I would prefer to study in a different city, and take it. But I worry that he is so often alone! What should I do?

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OK, you're already 25 and no prospects for the future, about 7 years have verpeilt for any reason. Now you have cabin on the head, because Hotel Mama is not optimal for you. Naturally, old and young fit rarely well together and at this age like to do his thing.

At some one section you had to do it yourself for you. Your dog loves you deeply about, but would be taken care of him. It is a mistake, who believes a lot of time while studying to have. Even a part-time job is not to be in this time without springs. The dog would be too short and would hinder you.

Something is with you out of hand. Why You have no friends? That's not normal.

See that you come forward. Let the dog with your parents. Visit as often as him. If you have a clear life structure found you can take him out from all. Everything else is doing you and the dog does not good.

I also had a dog, was to form and then to study. Local telephone, accommodation in dormitory od. WG where dog ownership was never possible. Time I would have never had enough. Was very glad that he was in good hands with my mother. He has the time not survive until my independence. With my first own apartment and secured content I've gained a new dog.

@ christin20

You want to study more, then you will have no time for a dog. Where should the stay in the time alone in an apartment or in an apartment until you come from?

With part-time job you have even less time and money also costs.

If you are where parents can let your dog, then he would be in a familiar environment, which is also love for animals when one decides in favor of the dog, where he is better off.

You can then bring to you, which I now could already tell you, this will be the first few times so it at the weekend.

You have no idea if you can keep even a dog in a flat or apartment.

These are precisely the things, as you might now einsiehst that you have to plan in advance with, if you gets a dog.

If you want to take off, then you can do that, others pack the well and friends can also be found again new when you walk through the open world.

What should I do?

You only times itself be clear what you ever want and give you then look for a job and make up your own legs.

Pick first some training, you're 25 and have still nix. No training nix. How are you going to finance your life and your dog, part-time jobs do not bring enough a.

In your age I've already done 10 years of work.
No wonder if your parents get involved.

Let the dog with your parents, who seem to be able to take responsibility, otherwise they would have you already get the sack. (I would have def. Done).

Honestly, if you do not get now Occupation or training on the series, then you will already do not do it alone. How do you want all this financed? You must log tear on the belt and either pull through an education or just go to work first. Your parents will certainly respect you more if you finally begin with 25 to afford something.

You want to study, but have to make up the Abi problems? And then with a dog? Let the dog with your parents, take care of this, you get an education and war your life together! If everything goes, you can bring to you the dog.

  • I can understand that, but without a Ausblidung and one Abi as without a job you have with your parents live.
  • You need a separate regulated income without you can just limp in the street or for example by Motz money to get an apartment begging.

Many 14 year old would fight for a few euros to this job ^^

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