wanted children's book about dinosaurs

Hello my dears.

Seeking for a long time a children's book from my childhood, which I borrowed frequently in a library. However, there are so there is no longer, and neither name nor author known.

However, I have a few more details to the book in his head.

It was primarily a picture book with little text, which was on the side just below.

The cover was dark green-blue with an orange running Dino.

In the plot involved a Dino, the unknown for a reason, I believe, because he had no parents, has passed through the forest. I remember that he has met with a few flight dinosaurs, which have only exploited him. A similar-looking female Dino was present, and after they have fled a Giant, they have come together and have at the end of a family founded ..

Unfortunately, that was about all that I know, although I'm not sure myself. Can you perhaps tell me what book that was?



The best answer


by describing her it might be this book

Pernix: A small dinosaur in the Primeval Forest (Dieter Wiesmüller)


Best regards :)

Again an attempt:

Was it "A Day with the Dinosaurs?" : D

The problem is ... Dino books are a dime a dozen. Sorry, you do not write, do what year you read the book, which would allow an easy search something. And the title is ev. As the Dino is ?! Such information is always very important when choosing a book. How did the book as yet of how big it was, how many pages it had about? I guess if it was a picture book, it will have had no more than 20 pages ... write again more information.

In a land before our time?

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