wanted Honda Jazz GD 1 Yr. 2002 Replacement gear

Hello, I have swapped the clutch at my Honda Jazz, as they slowly gives up the ghost (of course at 140,000 kilometers) this week. However, assumes that I was told that a rattling noise was coming from the gearbox, which is why I now seeking a used transmission or whether jmd a good address for a transmission repair has not alzu expensive. Report Bitee with me greetings

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Very strange that you your workshop the "clutch exchanged" if they are of the opinion that the transmission will be soon broken. Should be the really so, then the cost of a transmission revision are higher than what your Honda still has value, and the clutch repair was good merely for the sales of the workshop, for nothing else. When replacing gearbox precisely is problematic that the seller you otherwise what can tell about the mileage. Gear Boxes are usually already expanded, and you might not elicit whether the part has only 150,000 or already 300'000km down then. Which means that it is possible that shortly after the exchange and the "new" gear goes back over the river. But your workshop ..... Kopfschüttel!

this slowly gives up the ghost (at 140,000 km course)

Why of course? A transmission keeps normal throughout the lifetime of the car and is not defective under normal circumstances even with 500,000 Km. The best way to sell it or let it be scrapped.

Just try to let the next time the word "jazz" ...> :(

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