wanted Linux driver ET5230

Love Linux Kenner,

does anyone know where can I find a driver for a DVD / CD-USB reader for Linux? Name: Evertech ET5230. The manufacturer said there is the only Linux forum. Or you can perhaps tell me in what forum I most demand? Many thanks in advance! theon

The best answer

I now do not know, why do you need for an extra driver. Current Linux Distros recognize external drives automatically. Or is this manufacturer one who fails to comply with standards.

So simply connect times and put the CD / DVD. The should be recognized immediately.

ask once your computer, whether it has to recognize the drive.

Consider: detect does not mean that emerges such a DVD drive on the screen or in a menu. If your operating system does the self, then only with a DVD.

As you shall ask the computer?

1. with


once with, once without USB Secker in the computer.

2. with

  cat / proc / partitions

again you with, sometimes without a USB connector on the computer but with inserted and not defective DATA CD / DVCD, with audio Vedeo CD / DVD does not work!

3. with

  ls / dev / sr *

same external conditions as described under 2., where such external USB CD / DVD drives may / will appear at / dev / usb.

Only when there's nothing different comes out you should investigate drivers.

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