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Seeking a "magic square". Unfortunately, I have no picture, what I can tell, but I try to explain it this: You have a list with 6 * 6 boxes that are divided into several parts. In a box of this part is a number and either plus, minus, Shared or time (eg 3) is then you have to write to the other parts in each case the numbers that you can subtract and then what 3 results. the numbers from 1-6 may thereby appear only once in each row and column. I mean no Sudoku .. I hope someone can help me.

The best answer

What exactly are you looking now? Are you asking for the name of such puzzles? General fall under the rubric of such riddles computing squares. If you choose such puzzles to solve, you should find it to be under this term.

My question took care of itself, I do not occurred again. The puzzles are called "Ken Ken" s.

But thanks to those who wanted to help :)

yes I know what it is looking for you online that?

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