wanted new inkjet printer

Hi, since my old printer CANON MP 550 has moved from now on equal ne error message that is loud unreperabel various counselors in the net, I'm looking for nem new device. So I ask time around here, which device is recommended.

I want a multifunction device, fax I do not need. Prints not overly much but often use the scanner. I let online creating photos. The cartridges should not be overpriced, or it should not only original cartridges are working (no refill).

So and now her with your suggestions

The best answer

Brother DCP195c is cheap to buy and to use. Cartridges are easy to get and die free than Compatible. Scans, Copies (even without the PC must be). The only drawback: It is not particularly good for photo printing http://www.testberichte.de/p/brother-tests/dcp-195c-testbericht.html
Since I have a second printer that can better, I am very satisfied.

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