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last week I'm hyperventilating sheer stress in math among ot and the paramedics came. while I had such strange trembling attacks and I was cold especially on the hands and feet. Today I had so trembling attacks after the noticed had I have nachschreiben the next day math. I have fear of math. even though I have a 1, average I get math not through makes me fear even if that sounds weird. before fear I am missing and then understand the remaining material no longer in math. Today, I had already come to fear in the school and as I said only 3 hours after I had endured trembling attacks again because de'm forthcoming stress. from home I have no pressure to do I do myself I know. Can anyone help me ,, someone had also so what? what drugs are there? I do not think I could endure long in the school, or in math class work it is very bad to me and I have almost passed. I just war panic in math.

thank you

The best answer

Meet for testing hard and doing in their free time often sport such as jogging or jumping rope. So will you self safely and will not reason for exam nerves have more. Do not worry too much. Just stay calm and relaxed.


you should take a psychologist to ask for advice.

home I have no pressure

then write the tests at home under the supervision of a teacher, because was and let you treat the psychologist!

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