wanted to create Remix program


I wanted to ask you time if you which program these two remixes know may have been created or which program hinbekommt soetwas :)

Greetings Nils :)

The best answer

you can do something with any DAW. Or you benotzt a standalone sampler / sequencer.

best you you Ableton Live procure and to start a Launchpad or similar controller. To make more fun than using the mouse. I think that's what you choose, look for yourself:


ps: the first song which you will have posted is super bad. Please do something better with it ;-)

Such a remix you can create with Virtual DJ

Here the link to the free version: http://www.chip.de/downloads/Virtual-DJ_38081030.html

Lg Leon: D

Please spare the world with so ner Mukke !!! And abusing Ableton not for something! Get Magix Music Maker ... enough for your stuff!

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