wants new world of warcraft playing games which I need?

Will new world of warcraft playing and do not know what cd's I need Hilfeee!

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Here you can download the game up to and including the last addon on the official website of Blizzard. The latest addon you'd have to buy extra. So far as I know, wow there in the stores only a single package (read but anyway, what's on the package!), Called "Battle Chest", here you have to buy the latest addon now.

Depending on what you want to play content need the corresponding extension.

There is also the possibility vorhande accounts to "buy" but is rather difficult because it is not legally due right, etc .. Just register for battle.net and buy all of the expansion as far as you want to play it up :)

The basic game, The Burning Crusade, the wrath of the Lich King, cataclysm, Pandaria and now Warlords of Draenor. . Can you buy everything together on the Blizzardseite or in store ^^ A little tip, log into a forum to let you advertise, then there for you a few days of free game time, and the other gets even what for it;)

Keep your hands off! From expansion to expansion, the game will be worse

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