Wants to buy myself a dog in the next few years

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I would like to see in the years to buy a dog that would ask but if a Husky would be suitable as a first dog. Experience regarding education of dogs I have not really only a cat I had less than 17 years old. Welpenschule etc I would also visit.

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As already some have written - a husky is a working dog and that means he must be busy - so walk, run, sled pulling etc

Unfortunately many unsuitable people buy a Husky and my walk with 2-3 hours walking would be all ok. In rare cases, this works well - only the Hundi usually not happy is mostly but not how it works and the dog is not busy. A dog that is not busy is incalculable. This is also the reason why most huskies run leashed - barely off the leash, they are gone,

The Husky is not only as a beginner dog unsuitable but also as a dog for ordinary dog ​​owner.

In addition, the Husky is independent and has its own head, and that's as far as the education, difficult.

Please Google for interesting races, read the nature, breed description and the needs for the corresponding race. You bind yourself 10-15 years to a dog - that must fit else are you and Hundi unhappy.

Yes exactly, and since you never had a dog you had all the work is likely to surprise with then you get stress. What do you do maybe you can save on a shelter and a dog there you can just also wondering how so the dog's example. What a character he / she has. It looks like if he is housebroken, etc. And I'll give you a tip. It is better to remain with a smaller dog under 20 kilos which makes it a little easier

Primarily, it depends on how much time you have. Huskies are very time-consuming and need a very good education and training (actually should the all dogs).

The piece of advice here some give you starting out with a smaller dog should I consider not good. A dog normally lives for many years. It's not like "read only once a simple book" or "fang liver first with recorder at".

Husky provide some greater demands on the attitude. At higher temperatures in the summer you have to go with the dog as very early or very late. However, a Husky is not suitable as a "Flat Dog". I mean that he is very much in the winter time in the garden and can be snow in.

Can you all this for the sake of the dog guarantee then you should speak against nothing.

It is important that you inform yourself in detail. Maybe you can even a distressed Husky enter home.

Help you get eg at http://www.nothilfe-polarhunde.com/ or polarhunde.de.


a Husky you should only buy if you have a lot of time. These dogs need extremely leak much, otherwise they are underutilized and dissatisfied. Thinking too so that the dog then belongs to your family. go away a few days then do not go readily. The dog school is always recommended. If you decide, you have won in any case a great new friend. Dogs are great.

Lg Annika

No dog is considered beginner dog, even if there are those who can be educated more easily than others. In some dogs, it is also good if you do not have been run in dogs knowledge, because not behave like ordinary dogs. This includes Huskies. Of course it is more difficult to educate them as it is known in the normal environment because Kadavergehorsam you are looking at such a distinct breed in vain. Some you will, because of their character and their hunting instinct can not let off the leash. If this is ok for you and you have enough time for the discharge of such an animal, that's ok. Important for Huskies's just that they need veeeery much employment and spout. Much more than other breeds.

With 4 hours or more you may expect as a day and then not only easy but also go nose job. The need to halt utilized properly.

In this respect is not a problem and you can arrange it every day to give the animal a lot of movement, I see no problem.

In my opinion, huskies have minds of their own and therefore you have to be always running.

it is a completely unsuitable dog for people without dogs experience and for people who can not run at least minutely 4-5 hours with this dog and run -at best with summer and winter sled, is a husky underutilized, he disassembled Get the apartment and the howling neighborhood together ..., with the independent and headstrong beings of Nordic dogs, many people can not cope, the dogs have a violent hunting drove and hair strong

you're on time arbieitslos -but the halting of huskies (they should warden not held as individual dogs) and a full time job is almost impossible .. I'm going assume that you look for a job ...

hallo du polar dogs, need expiring ............. and not what is meant by gassi go ........... need to run run run. then have a pronounced huskys jagttrieb.klar there are exceptions but they are rare ......... they are considered schwererziehbar.was submission terms .......... there are very independent dogs in my eyes in pure private attitude zusuchen nothing haben.weil they can not utilize. they should pull sled summer and winter ......... http://forum.zooplus.de/showthread.php?64636-Husky-R%C3%BCde-was-beachten

Fang times with a small breed of (Miniature Pinscher, Tschiwawa, Prague Ratter, ...) Huskey are very challenging and noble dog, do not know if you'll allow almost ready ... Since you have to be washed even with every trick and needs experience in dog ownership, otherwise the whole ends in a nightmare ... the financial Aufwaund I just let the outside before ...

I would not take me a Husky as first dog !!! dear Take an abandoned dog there are enough of them I have one and am happy with my dog ​​Most breeds dogs are bred when you can view it would be a By adopting and also can not be over-bred! And besides, the dog gets then a second chance and I think everybody deserves a second chance !!

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