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Since December 2014, we live with our young dog in a block with 14 apartments. Some time ago we practiced be the Alone with him. At the beginning he still howled and barked. However, with the time it went quite well. Since we got a phone by the owner, it would have several complaints given for noise pollution. Following this message, I have a Kamara installed to be able to watch him when he's alone. I also have to all in the house wrote a nice letter in which I apologize if it is something loud and that he is still young and needs to learn. After I repeatedly observed my dog ​​I can with good conscience say that he no wheel does while we are away.

Just today we again get a phone from our landlady. You must warn us because there were complaints again. Our dog but already for 1 month was not home alone and when he once barked it was because someone was at the door. In my opinion eoetwas is completely natural for a dog. Otherwise, there was also a complaint because the stairwell was increased urine on the floor or on the wall. First my dog ​​his leg still stands to pee so it can not have been, and secondly, I always take him out on a leash on the wall. Thus I know that he can not have been on the floor. I do not think this warning is that lawfully. What do you say? What shall we do now and how can we prove that this was not our dog?

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Proof you do not need to run! It is enough that roommate who is not be obliged to designate the owner, who complains. The landlord will revoke the approval of dog ownership and you put necessary by warning with the threat of termination a close deadline for the abolition of the animal. If the deadline expires fruitlessly, to get the immediate termination of your tenancy. It is now up to weigh up to you what is important for you, apartment or dog ownership. In the latter case you should look immediately for a place to live, in the dog ownership whether yappy way or unwelcome legacies is welcome.

Hi First I would try to find out who there's a dog in the house holds, if it has not been yours, it must indeed have been in the house another dog. Maybe someone keeps sneaking a dog, so that the neighbors think it was yours, because they never see the other? Would mainly late at night then sometimes put me aufer Lauer whether the popular dog because Gassi is out .... and then report it to the landlord. been there when her since all this time, have you even heard nothing ??? And as long as writing nothing comes from the owner, but only the calls that ye must not worry. If he schriftllich send the first reminder, it is contrary to the writing and he's back on the train ... Should only get calls, I card includes also more likely to tend to give the no faith, perhaps simply do not like dogs and want to freeze out you and know that will bring it schirftlich nix. Other idea would be simply laments the dog and possibly your camera does not absorb sound ?? Then one would necessarily not see it if he is quiet or just the neighbors what sings .... and younger dogs can also run at times dribbling something if they have it bad in a hurry ... Otherwise I find that way as with a buddy of mine who came from Holland, where he was the whole weekend and has complaints received that he was too loud on the weekend: D just because there is a neighbor in the house is listening well in their head voices and music .. ... and then wanted him show the landlord .... and because since 1.5 years gehts so, the landlord has even ever night set in the hall to hear how loud my buddy is the einizge what he heard was the nagging neighbor who lives alone but lol .... so look sometimes whether all neighbors still really tick)

Have you possibly even another dog in the house who could do that? Otherwise, I would call it sabotage. I would be composed in your place once the owner and him possibly even the shots, at best, with timestamp, show.

Talk to him and ekläre that your dog may not have been. Could be also that you want the only one annexes.

The landlord can not turn you out, as long as your pet does not attack him. For me it was time so that my neighbor has beschwerrt the gane time because my dog ​​barked loudly sol. One day my neighbor has taken secretly at night the bicycles of my family and collapse or drift apart screwed. Then he put them before my front door and a note with the Aufschrifft: laid ,, drawn out ".

In Dogs hating neighbors you always have to be careful. Whether the dog was now or not I do not know. Best take a sample of the urine and compare it with that of your dog.

Hope I could help.

Can it be that the neighbors are generally against your dog? To me, it sounds like that want the dog to get rid of. Since you have already prove sammeln.zb your camera and show them that does not come from the your dog.

Not you must prove that it was not your dog. Instead, the owner has to prove his allegations.

An admonishment, warning, warning always has to be in writing and then you have the opportunity to comment on the allegations in writing.

Of course you can then argue that it can not have been your dog the walls anstrullert because they do not yet "the leg lifts" ... And yes, it is part of the normal day-noise that time a dog barks. .. between 22 pm and 6am probably even your dog is not just bark ... During the day is a striking when the clamp is a perfectly normal day-noise ...

You may ask the landlord to pass on your "rebuttal" to the person who has slandered you ...

It can not live in peace if you do not like the dear neighbors the most pious!

Hopefully all of you for doing well!

may I can bark By only say that the dog once a day, one hour by barking / howling .. How's that pee with which to prove is really hard .. Sounds but so as if the neighbors want you have to get out: /

Dear landlord,

We monitored our dog because of recent events and logs to monitor.

Since it is thus proven to be a criminal offense within the meaning of §187 of the Criminal Code, we would like for display to ask us the name to convey the person who has told you this false information.

Should you, however, prefer to order peace among tenants that thing with that himself to clarify who has raised the demonstrably false accusations, we see of course of a display from

Best regards


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