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Hello :)) So. Grade my two rabbits a CAGE. The is not a commercial, but self-built, so larger, but still too small. That's why I got an idea. So ^^ I want to buy / build a dog kennel. for I have seen this: https: //www.google.de/search hl = en & site = imghp & tbm = isch & source = hp & amp ...? THE FOURTH PICTURE. and so a kennel I would like for my rabbit. My question now is, do I have to specially again an aviary wire make the grid side? come flagstones on the floor. I ask again if we build it yourself or buy. And what else should I consider? lg :)

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I'm not sure if every time the photos are displayed in the same order. For me, the fourth photo is in fact a former carport, under which the animals live now. Link but best again the picture (not Google Images). Then we can tell you more about this :-).

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